Public Relations Research Report and Recommendations As the account executive, I lead my team in creating a full PR Research Report with accompanying recommendations. This report was completed for a local business in Syracuse, New York. I received an A on this assignment. December 2018.

Public Relations Campaign and Media Kit  As part of one of my Newhouse Public Relations Classes, I created a fictitious event between a real company and a real non-profit organization. I then produced a full media kit for the event. My project was chosen as top three in the class, allowing me to lead a team of five for a full press conference. I received an A on this assignment. December 2017.

Public Relations Social Media Campaign This social media campaign was created for the Syracuse University Dance Team during my Digital Public Relations class. It is a comprehensive campaign aimed to increase interest, following and engagement on the team’s social platforms. I received an A on this assigment. April 2018.

News Story This news story was written as part of a Public Relations class, which was intended to have me explore news writing while also working on my AP Style. I attended the event and wrote the story as a reporter. I received an A on this assignment. October 2017.

Presentation: Designing Effective Online Content During my digital PR class, each student was assigned to present about one weeks topic. I was responsible for presenting about how to design effective online content. This assignment was designed to have us become familiar with Adobe Spark, the topic, and work on our public speaking skills. My professor loved my presentation and I received an A. March 2018.

Hybrid News Release This news release was written as a part of my “Advanced Public Relations Writing for an Digital World” class. The goal was to write a normal news release and a social media news release, that would both be functional for online distribution purposes. March 2018.