MAJOR looks for Spring 2018

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Even though it’s still cold in Syracuse, Spring has officially sprung. AKA Spring is finally here, AKA warm weather is coming!! Now don’t get me wrong, I am all about chunky sweaters and cozy leggings; however, I am sooo ready to trade in my favorite winter looks for some fresh spring finds. Normally, I have a “florals? for spring? groundbreaking” type of attitude towards spring fashions, but this year’s trends are fun and bold. Designers weren’t kidding around this season, as Spring 2018’s trends are MAJOR.

With most of the fashion weeks around the world wrapping up, we can already see which trends have been loved and which ones weren’t so successful. I think the best way to tell what everyone is liking is based on influencers Instagram’s. If your favorite blogger is obsessed, you won’t be far behind. I have a handful of bloggers on Instagram whose style I absolutely love, and I get inspired by the way they style certain clothes together and risks they take with new trends. But, I also follow a lot of my favorite clothing brands on Instagram, so I can stay up to date with their newest lines.

Here’s the trends that I have personally been loving and that I think are going to be huge this season!

Fanny Packs. I am here for this trend. 90s trends have been having a comeback for a while, with denim trends and chockers being all the rage, so it’s no surprise that fanny packs are back. They’re all over the runways and Instagram. While I may not be able to afford a $900 fanny pack, I’ll still be participating in this trend. Practical and fun, what more could you want?!  Gucci  has the fanny pack of my dreams.


Polk-a-dots . The perfect print for spring/summer, polk-a-dots will add a much needed pop of fun into our wardrobes. Whether the print is in bright colors or neutrals, it still has a care-free essence. As seen on Instagram by my favorite influencers, this trend is definitely wearable. I’ve been loving these polk-a-dot pieces: Forever 21 Dress, Revolve Matching Set, ASOS Bikini

Statement earrings. Every girl has their little diamond studs that they were all. the. time. Boring… it’s time to spice things up ladies. Hoops are a start, but step it up with statement earrings. Statement earrings instantly make a simple outfit more interesting and they bring everyone’s attention up to your beautiful face. A win-win.  Express has some of my favorite statement earrings that are reasonably priced and also high quality!


Sheer/ transparent. This trend can be a little intimidating, but I’m loving it! On the runways, models often wear nothing under these sheer pieces, so, clearly that’s not wearable for everyday purposes. The key to making this trend work IRL is to get cute bralettes to wear under your sheer pieces that are cute on their own, but also compliment your sheer statement piece! It’s a cool look for a girls night out. You can also start introducing this trend to your closet with transparent accessories…baby steps!

Some cute transparent pieces: Chanel BagForever 21 Sheer Crop Top,  Balmain Heels


Nike Air Force 1s. It’s going to be the sneaker of the season, and every “it girl” is going to be sporting it—they already are. Dress them up or dress them down, they’re effortless and cool. It’s a timeless purchase, that’s going to be all the rage this season. Obviously, you can find these at nike.


I’ve realized two things after writing this post…

1. I am beyond ready for spring weather

2. I have a fashion taste that’s way out of my broke-college-student price range… and I seriously can’t wait until I’m successful and can afford all this stuff hehe.

I’m stoked for spring, and these trends are only adding to that excitement! Hopefully you like these trends as much as I do and try them out yourselves!

xx Kelly

3 thoughts on “MAJOR looks for Spring 2018

  1. YUP I am so here for the fanny pack trend, even though people keep questioning me whenever I show up somewhere wearing one…I still have faith. Also, I’m typically an all black everything typa girl, but my style icon, Dua Lipa, has been rocking prints and it has really hardcore inspired me. I’ve been noticing myself more open to patterns and different cuts of clothing and have been mix matching different pieces with random, non-traditional colors and it’s so much fun. I’m loling at the same pair of diamond studs we wear every single day because yup and super hyped about the Nike Air Force trends (though it took me a minute to get over my 6th-grade hip hop costume PTSD). I’m working for Foot Locker this summer, and am waiting to get my employee discount to stock up on some new sneakers. I’m also loving the ankle length pant trend I’ve been seeing, and have been on the scrunchie bandwagon for literally a year now.


  2. Kelly,

    I resonated with this piece SO MUCH! After that terrible dose of snow we got last night, I cannot wait for some nice, warm weather. Or, even more, for summer weather in general. I was procrastinating the other day and found some cute super sale items at Express and at Forever 21, which was super exciting for me! The only downside there is that all of these cute super sale items are sundresses, which (as of right now, at least) I don’t think I’ll be able to wear anytime soon. Hopefully that will change, though, as I got a really cute denim-style sundress for May Fest this year, and I’m not the type of person to forgo warmth for style, meaning if it was actually cold I would show up wearing sweatpants and a full winter coat. Fingers crossed! xx


  3. I definitely agree that bloggers have a huge influence in fashion now. I know that when I see my favorite blogger wearing something I immediately look at the brand’s Instagram. I also love the polka-dot trend you wrote about. Polka-dots are something that I don’t see people wearing very often because they can sometimes be hard to wear but the pieces that you linked to made it super easy to incorporate polka-dots into your wardrobe. I like how you gave ideas on how to incorporate the sheer trend into everyday life, as that can definitely be hard to do. I’ve also seen almost everyone I know/ every blogger wearing Nike Air Force 1s. I agree they are definitely the next trend when it comes to shoes.


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