Travel Diary: Nashville, Tennessee


“Spring Break” … For college students, most people picture flocks of 20-somethings drinking all day and partying it up in Mexico, or at some other beach. While this does sound like a good time, I’m not quite sure I could physically or mentally handle a week full of typical spring break shenanigans (lol). So, my spring break was a little different than that.

I spent my spring break with my mom! Love that lady! Her 50th birthday fell during the same week of my school’s spring break, so we decided to take a little girls trip. After many possibilities, we finally decided to go to Nashville, Tennessee, and we had a great time! Here’s the run-down of our trip.

We were in Nashville for 5 days and we definitely made the most of it. We took a direct flight from Newark to Nashville. We stayed at the Renaissance Downtown Nashville, which was a great hotel. It was a huge hotel, with 3 restaurants (which weren’t so great) and a full Starbucks (which obvi I appreciated and my mom’s wallet did not). Our room was hypo-allergenic and service was great. The location was perfect for us, as it in the middle of downtown and walking distance to many places we wanted to go to. Also, the hotel offered a free car service to anywhere within a 5-mile radius, so we didn’t even have to Uber that often! 10/10 would recommend staying there!

Day 1: Saturday After arriving in Nashville, we checked into our hotel and then explored a little bit. We walked around downtown and saw the Honkey Tonkey Highway. It’s Nashville’s famous strip of bars and restaurants, which all feature live music basically 24/7. We ate at the Tequila Cowboy and then checked out a few more places to listen to more live music. After checking out the strip, we headed back to our hotel to rest and relax for a little bit. We had dinner that night at Saint Anejo, located in the Gultch neighborhood and it was my favorite restaurant of the trip. It has both indoor and outdoor seating, and amazing Mexican food.

Day 2: Sunday It was super gloomy and rainy out, so we planned a day of indoor activities. Today we met up with an old family friend for lunch. She recommended that we go to Puckett’s for our food, and try their famous friend chicken. After lunch, she took us on a drive around Nashville to check out a few things and we drove passed the Parthenon. Then, we left our family friend and my mom and I went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. It was pretty pricy to go in, but it was cool and everyone said we had to go! We had dinner at the hotel this night, but it wasn’t anything too special.

Day 3: Monday Apparently a lot of tourist attractions in Nashville are closed on Monday’s, so we planned a day of shopping. We headed to the Frothy Monkey for a quick coffee and then explored the neighborhood called 12 South. It has lots of restaurants, shopping, and murals. We had lunch at Edly’s BBQ, which was recommended to us and it was pretty good! There was a wide variety of types of stores and price ranges. My favorite store was Draper James, which is owned by Reese Witherspoon. It was pretty preppy, which isn’t necessarily my style, but I found some really cute business casual pieces! We also stopped at Sprinkles cupcake shop and  Amelia’s Flower Truck. For dinner, we met up with one of my sorority sisters and her mom, who also happened to be in town for spring break! We went to the Listening Room, which is a place where you get dinner and a live show. The Song Suffragettes were playing the 6:30 show and they were great. I loved the show! This was my favorite day of the trip by far!

Day 4: Tuesday We checked out the Hermitage, which was Andrew Jackson’s estate. It was absolutely beautiful, and something everyone should definitely see, but it wasn’t super exciting. My mom and I were still glad that we saw it. After that, we headed to Marathon Village, which is an old factory building converted into shops. We shopped around and found some unique things! At sunset, we went to the Pedestrian bridge, to see the skyline of the city. We had dinner at Bakersfield Tacos, which was not as good of Mexican food as Saint Anejo, but still pretty good! To finish the night, we got some ice cream at Mikes Ice Cream!


Day 5: Wednesday  A busy day! We started with breakfast at Milk and Honey, which wasn’t as good as it was hyped up to be, and took some pictures at a mural next to the restaurant. Then, we checked out the Ryman Auditorium, which used to host the Grand Ole Opry. After that, we went to the Cheekwood Estate, because they have a huge garden of tulips, and my mom is obsessed. It was actually really pretty and better than I thought it would be. We then headed back to the hotel and ate dinner there, before going to see a show. We saw the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center and it was absolutely amazing and took our breath away. Obviously, being a dancer, I really appreciated the show.


My mom and I had a great girls trip; it was the perfect mix of activities and taking it easy. Nashville was a huge food-y town, which we took full advantage of. I would love to go back to Nashville, but hopefully next time I’ll be 21, so I can really experience it all 😉

xx Kelly

4 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Nashville, Tennessee

  1. Kelly, these pictures are so awesome! So colorful and vibrant I LOVE. I’m totally on the “I can’t handle a crazy spring break” train, and if I wasn’t completely poor after last semester, I probably would’ve booked a trip similar to this one.

    I’ve been thinking about taking a trip to Nashville, but I always feel like I don’t know what there is to do there, but clearly, there’s plenty! (And a great spot for people who love food aka me)

    I really appreciate the layout of this piece. I’ve formatted recent travel pieces a bit differently, breaking locations down into categories of transportation, safety, food, and fashion; but I feel like the Day 1, Day 2, and so on works even better! It was so easy to follow exactly what you did each day and your day by day pics supported exactly what you were saying so thank you!

    Also, the links to all the things you did were SO helpful. If I wanted to use this post to plan my Nashville trip (which I probably will lol) I could follow exactly what you did with such ease.

    Just one quick q: How long was your flight and was it expensive? I feel like the flight time and price can always be a vibe-killer for me.


  2. I agree, a typical spring break trip to Mexico with a bunch of college students was not my thing either. Your trip seemed like it was great. I really like how you detailed what you did each day and gave descriptions and reviews of each place you went. The pictures also really added to the post and made me understand more about each activity you described. This post is really helpful for people who want to travel to Nashville since you explained each thing you did in such detail and said which places you loved and ones that you would maybe skip.


  3. I really like your everyday outfits! The photos you took are beautiful and they are so Instagram style. And I don’t enjoy getting drunk, either. I carefully planned my every break since I came here with my best friends or family because I understand that once I graduate I won’t have that many breaks to spend quality time with them.


  4. Loved this post!! I have never been to Nashville before, but after reading this post I am dying to take a trip there! Before reading this article I didn’t think there was much to do there besides listen to music. Also, it is so nice to have a calm spring break because after finishing mid-terms that is one of the best options out there. I absolutely love live music and I’m so happy you included all the links for where you stayed and visited and gave an honest account about the quality and what the places had to offer. I can’t wait to check those out if I ever visit! Your photos were so amazing, and they really did a good job showing the cool things Nashville has to offer. It really looked like you and your mom had an amazing time. Nashville really does sound like the perfect place for a girl’s trip.


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