Surviving Midterm Season


College is all fun and games until its 8 o’clock on Sunday night and you realize you’re going to have a busy, busy week. Exams and projects can be super stressful but there’s plenty of ways to make a college workload more manageable. With midterms coming up soon, here’s some tips on how to survive midterm season!! Good luck!

Find your favorite study spot. Every university has study spots scattered around in every nook and cranny of the campus, you just have to find your favorite one. Syracuse has a wide variety of study spots that can suit everyone’s needs. My current favorite study spots are Panasci Lounge, and the basement of Bird Library. My freshman year, I loved to study in Carnegie Library and the Starbucks at Campus West, because both were so close to my dorm! In high school, I would always go to the Starbucks inside my local Barnes and Nobles to study, since I couldn’t concentrate at home. I tend to gravitate to study spots that have background noise and a little bit of activity; I don’t like studying in pure silence! Find whatever works for you and stick to it! Also, if you’re going to be studying super late at night, make sure you don’t walk home alone.

The outfit. Dress comfy. Wear sweatpants/ leggings/ a t-shirt/ a sweatshirt… whatever you need to do to be the most productive! I always go for leggings and a cozy sweatshirt. I like to wear hats when I go to the library so I can go makeup-less and hid my tired face! I also normally bring a scarf with me too, in-case I get cold. I also recommend bringing a hair tie so you can pull your hair back in case it starts bothering you or distracting you! You’ll most likely be working hard for a long time and you’ll be getting tired, so just dress comfy so you can be as productive as possible. You can look at my last blog post for comfy outfit inspiration!

Plan ahead. The key to getting it all done and not being stressed out is to plan ahead and be proactive! Personally, I am a planner. I religiously use my Erin Condren LifePlanner. I write my daily schedule, a to-do list, assignments due that day, homework, daily reminders, etc. I find when I write everything down, I’m less likely to forget to do it and I feel accomplished when I get to check it off as “done” at the end of the day. If you know you have a ton of assignments due in the same week, budget your time every day to work on them a little bit at a time!

The necessities. To get work done, you’re going to need to bring your phone, computer, external hard drive, notebooks, textbooks, pens, and whatever else pertains to your major. Personally, being in Newhouse, most of my work is done on the computer, so my laptop is a necessity. I also bring an external hard drive and save all of my important assignments onto both hard drives, to be sure I don’t lose my hard work! External hard drives are also super helpful when you have to work on multiple different computers, so your work doesn’t lose it formatting or fonts. Depending on your assignment or what class you’re studying for, you may also want to bring your textbooks and notebooks! Also don’t forget to bring your computer and phone chargers, since you will probably be in the library for a while!

The extras.  I also love bringing headphones so I can listen to music while I get my work done. Not only does listening to music help me tune out all the chatter around me and focus on my work, but it also helps make the time go by faster while working. Just pick a good playlist on Spotify or Apple Music and you’ll be set for your whole study session! I always stop at Starbucks and get my favorite coffee before I head to the library. Bringing snacks is always a good idea too. Pack some healthy ones or some comfort food; whatever works for you!

They key to being successful is to find the study habits that work for you! Hopefully some of these suggestions are helpful!

xx Kelly

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2 thoughts on “Surviving Midterm Season

  1. There is seriously nothing more stressful than exam week, especially during midterms. Nothing in the world can ever motivate me to study when all I can focus on is Spring break! I really liked your section on the perfect study spot. Having your own personal place to hunker down and get to work done is also such a satisfying feeling. I really liked that you mentioned bringing an external hard drive. I have heard so many horror stories of students who lose their homework and big projects the night before they are do and the thought of that alone causes so much unneeded stress. Finally, I could not agree more with your description of the perfect study session outfit. Library chairs are already uncomfortable enough and it can be unbearable to sit down for hours at a time when you’re constantly trying to find a comfortable position. Also, great mention of bringing a scarf just in case it gets cold! For some reason most places are never a comfortable temperature.


  2. Really awesome blog!! I love how relatable this is, it personally makes me want to keep up with it and read more. I really like how you included different tips on how to survive midterms. There is nothing more stressful but it always makes me feel better to know everyone feels the same way and is going through the same stress. I love how detailed you get with the tips as well. Such as, wearing something comfy because that is personally how I get my best work done, when I am comfortable!! Overall, great job 🙂


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